What is a Copywriting Niche? Here’s 10 TRENDING Copywriting Niches in 2021

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

Ghostwriter | Full Time Copywriter

Learn what is a copywriting niche and discover the top 10 trending copywriting niches in 2021!

It’s no surprise that Copywriting is a blooming career choice in 2021. There are many people out there who have embraced Copywriting as their new profession and backed out of their old 9 to 5 jobs.

Whether you’re a NEW Copywriter or someone looking for a new niche – I’ve gotcha!

After doing quite a lot of personal research, surfing through numerous blog posts and articles on the web, I have compiled the top 10 trending copywriting niches right now to look out for.

I’m sure you have an idea about what a niche is.. No? Okay.

What is a Copywriting Niche?

A niche is a specialized part of any market or industry with certain relevant products or services that attracts a unique and special audience.

You could specialize in writing anything i.e. pick a niche that you can heavily invest your time and energy in. But keep in mind, you CANNOT write for something you aren’t really interested in. Or maybe not even produce content that can actually show your INNER creativity as a copywriter.

My number #1 advice to any NEW Copywriter out there would be to be OPEN to everything. You never know what niche ends up intriguing you and lands in big bucks for you.

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Okay, now let’s dive into our TOP 10 trending copywriting niches in 2021.

Starting from Number 10

10. E-Learning Niche

Due to the current pandemic, the E-Learning industry has witnessed a MASSIVE boost as more and more parents and students have adopted the medium of the internet for online education. It has become a trending copywriting niche and opened doors for more copywriters.

Long before the pandemic started, it was estimated that the e-learning industry will rapidly grow to be worth $350 BILLION by the year 2025!

Crazyy, right? Even though there are quite many BIG players in the market like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Lynda, BYJU’s, Khan Academy, etc. in the market currently – there are many more to come and give tough competition.

It’s quite hard to survive without going online in today’s world. Every other education institute – from big ed brands to small schools – is switching to the online platform to be accessible to every student on the tip of their fingers.

This sudden turn of events creates a golden opportunity for – you guessed it right – us Copywriters!

Every brand signing up online is in need of a Sales Page, A Squeeze Page, Website Copy, Email Copy, Landing Pages, Ad Campaigns, or even the course material itself!

If you’re interested in the education industry, GO FOR IT as it is one of the most trending copywriting niches to go for!

9. SaaS (Software as a Service) Copywriting

SaaS is another fast-growing industry as various companies are trying to create the software that SAVES THE DAY!

Hence the name – on-demand software. Some popular examples of SaaS are Shopify, Mailchimp, Google Apps, Dropbox, Zoom & Netflix!

There is a surging demand for software that makes work easier to monitor or manage all our tasks. Even though SaaS is not really a NEW concept, but it is projected to rise to worth $157 Billion this year ALONE.

Remember when the lockdown brought ALL of us on Zoom? It was nearly 300 MILLION meeting participants on Zoom only within 1.5 MONTHS.

With SaaS on the rise, more companies will emerge and more copywriters will be in demand to describe their services to their audience more simply and cleanly.

If you are a software geek, this is your time to shine in this niche!

8. Financial Technology (Financial Copywriting)

Gone are the good old days when we paid in toffees or coffees instead of cash.

Who would’ve thought that making payments could get THIS easy? It’s so fascinating how we can transfer money through our smartphones within a few seconds.

No more dealing with long calls with bank customer service and surfing through complicated websites to send money.

Thanks to PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and many more for making our lives easier. But it doesn’t stop here!

Financial Tech is on a rise and plans to make sending and receiving money easier, more convenient, and more user-friendly! It also happens to be one of the 10 trending copywriting niches in 2021.

According to various studies, the global financial tech market is expected to grow to $310 billion till 2022.

With their fast-growing market, businesses need unique copywriters like YOU to help them set themselves apart from their competition! Undoubtedly, they need copywriters who can communicate their USP to the audience in the most engaging way possible!

7. Skincare

Oh my, don’t get me started on how much I personally search for skincare brands that will suit my skin’s needs! And I’m sure I am NOT the only one!

Regardless of gender, skincare has become a top priority item in everyone’s shopping cart cuz feeling glam is no longer associated with feminity.

Skincare brands are tailoring perfect formulas for unique skin types – whether normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or acne-prone. No doubt, brands are more attentive to the needs of their customers now.

A variety of brands have gone cruelty-free and vegan for their customer base. As brands are progressing towards a brighter future for Earth, there is quite a lot of information these products need to convey to their customers effortlessly.

That’s undoubtedly where you can slay if you have a love for skincare! (wow, that rhymed.)

6. Health and Fitness

The importance of Fitness and overall self-care is FINALLY being taken seriously. With the rising of unexpected diseases, people are making conscious switches in their regular diets.

While many are choosing to have a balanced diet with all the nourishing nutrients, many are switching to eco-friendly diets by choosing to go vegan and not derive anything that comes from animals.

With veganism and nutritious diets on the rise, there is a lot that people want to know.

I’m talking about healthy snacks, ready-to-eat snack bars, gluten-free or keto snacks, picked dried fruits, and meat-based treats, guilt-free sweets, and salty pleasures that make kitchen trips LESS blameworthy and MORE enjoyable.

Even before the pandemic, the global healthy snack market was already valued at $23 billion in 2018, and guess what? This is expected to grow to $32 billion in 2025.

Now is the right time to step in and help people choose what’s right for their health and diets!

5. Pets & Pet Maintenance

Haha, you saw this coming!

Pets have been our companions through the toughest times. And unlike fellow beings – our pets never get tired of hanging out with us and our morning faces. They are our instant serotonin boosters and that’s why, we spend for them.

The sale of Pet food and supplies is rising quickly as more people are taking animal health seriously and choosing to shelter pets with them.

The American Pet Products Association estimates that within the year, $75 billion dollars will be spent on pets in the United States alone.

Globe Newswire predicts the global pet care market will reach $358.62 billion by 2027.

The best part is that the Pet industry is yet to reach its real growth. Furthermore, there are plenty more products and brands that are yet to be developed in the pet industry.

Perfect Copywriting niche for pet lovers and those who absolutely love animals!

4. Eco-Friendly Products

Thanks to the global awareness of Climate Change, many businesses have made eco-friendly choices to support sustainability and the environment.

This wasn’t only to switch to a GREENER future, but to also consider the demands of their extra-conscious customers. There has been a visible increase in eco-friendly products in our daily lives.

From avoiding bubble wraps in packaging, various brands provide reusable food packaging. non-disposable feminine products, sustainable beauty products, cruelty-free fashion – and the list goes on.

If you are a nature person, then you will definitely enjoy writing for brands that have taken your cause seriously and want to walk towards a greener future with you!

3. Subscription Boxes

No, really.

People are signing up for subscription boxes that lessen the work for them and arrive timely according to their desired subscription plan.

From menstrual pads like Nua Woman to monthly meal prep plans, skincare regime and vitamin supplements – there are many businesses that have adopted this business model to make customers loyal to their brand.

They do the researching, planning, curating and EVEN delivering to your doorstep to eliminate the hassle for you! Who wouldn’t want one less problem in their life?

And they’re not only convenient, saving you time and energy, but many brands also focus on health-conscious, eco-friendly, and high-quality options so that your well-being and personal values are also being taken into account.

They remind me of subscription mail orders that existed a while ago and they definitely needed experienced copywriters to sell their products.

Our new-age subscription model needs YOU too! This is a copywriting niche that is timeless.

Email copy, Landing pages, Sales Pages, Products Description, Specialized offers – they need a lot from your creative mind.

2. Information Products

As James Francis writes on Digital Prosperity: “Information marketing is the process of creating, promoting and selling digital products which help to solve a common problem within a specific niche or ‘topic’.

These products are often created in the form of e-books, video training courses, software, live coaching programs, audio interviews and more.”

You can provide endless value to brands with digital products. They need everything from a sales page, squeeze page, landing page – or sometimes the digital product itself (e-books or user manual).

Don’t hesitate in reaching out to people who are launching a digital product. Your copywriting skills and creativity can support their extraordinary product immensely.

Are we already at the end of the list? Mark your attendance if you’ve read till here in the comments!

Onto the number #1 niche that could prove to be very unexpected and profitable at the same time…

*drum rolls*

1. Survival Essentials


Is that even a copywriting niche? Apparently, yes!

In 2020, we all realized ONE thing for sure – we were NOT ready for uncertain times. This uncertainty has given rise to more people being stocked with items they need to survive – no matter what comes next.

However, Survival isn’t new! This market exploded even before COVID when we began baking and gardening and DIY skills as hobbies.

It’s astonishing to know that the survival industry has grown into a mega, multimillion-dollar market as more and more people identify being a survivalist.

Products in the survival niche include survival kits, camping essentials, durable tools and blades, doomsday workshops, food preservation tools, grow your own food kits, and solar panel units.

Back to the primitive stage, are we?

Jokes apart, you as a copywriter, can write endlessly for the products on this niche because there is so much you need for survival. The above-listed products are only CATEGORIES and not the PRODUCTS themselves.

Well, here was the top 10 trending copywriting niches for you.

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