Copywriting Acronyms that Every Copywriter Should Know

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

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Every industry has its own lingo and acronyms that make it confusing for those who are new. And you might be wondering: what does that copywriting acronym mean…?

So whether you are a new copywriter or a client – here’s a quick list of common copywriting acronyms that most copywriters and digital marketers use.

Copywriting Acronym List


Lifetime Value

Also known as CLTV. This acronym is a rather important one. LTV stands for lifetime value. It is a number that represents the estimated revenue of a customer throughout their lifetime as a customer. Essentially, based on the average order size/amount spent and the length of them being a customer, you can determine what your LTV is.



The percentage of prospects that received and opened an email and clicked through its links to an online sales page. Also describes the percentage of readers who click through an online sales page to the order page.

While this copywriting term is used for digital campaigns, it is also highly relevant to copywriters since it shows whether the copy is doing its magic or needs improvement.


Cost Per Acquisition

CPA in marketing stands for cost per acquisition or action and is a type of conversion rate marketing. Cost per acquisition refers to the fee a company will pay for an advertisement that results in a sale.


Cost per Thousand/ Cost per Mille

Cost per thousand, commonly known as cost per mille is the total cost of a promotion divided by the number of impressions made in the thousands (e.g.: A mailing to 400,000 prospects that costs $200,000 has a CPM of $500 per thousand). This also includes copy, design, list rental, printing and mailing costs, and postage charges.


Pay-Per-Click Ad

PPC is a form of online advertising in search engines where advertisers pay the placement company a fee every time their ad is clicked, and the user is taken to a specific website or landing page.

This copywriting term is relevant to digital marketers and copywriters alike.


Point of Sale 

The moment when a prospect purchases a product or service; the exact moment when the sale takes place and the prospect is either filling out an order form, calling in an order or clicking an Internet order button.

Why is it important?

Because this is when you can introduce your additional offers, features and get them on board with your OTO.


One Time Offer

A one-time offer is a marketing tactic that helps in increasing sales and building customer retention. Usually, a One-time Offer is placed as an upsell or similar product that is relevant to the purchase a buyer is making. The One-Time Offer uses the scarcity principle of sales and makes it irresistible. 


Unique Selling Proposition

USP is a copywriting and marketing acronym. It is the explanation for why the product or service you’re selling is different and superior to all competition. The USP should highlight the unique benefits and advantages of a product or service in a compelling way that engages your prospect.

Here’s more on USP and why every business needs one.


Call to Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is the conclusion of the ad or campaign towards the desired action. It guides the reader to take an action and connect with your brand after engaging them with your copy.

This is one of the copywriting acronyms that is commonly used by digital marketers as well. A good call to action makes or breaks your whole marketing campaign.

Learn to write a persuasive and compelling call to action here.


Return on Investment

(ROI) This is a measurement of the financial success of a promotion. The higher the ROI, the more effective the medium or campaign was at generating profit.


Problem – Agitate – Solve

Identify a problem

Agitate the problem

Solve the problem

PAS is one of the most popular copywriting formulas. This formula is also called the key to social media domination. In this story-telling technique, instead of describing life without the problem, PAS describes life if the problem were to persist (the “Agitate” part). And then comes the solution which solves the problem in a shining armor suit. Cool, isn’t it?

Yup. Most copywriting acronyms are also similar to digital marketing terms. That’s because most of the copy we write is placed digitally. Whether on a homepage, sales page, landing page, paid ads, etc.

It is always best to stay educated on the basics of digital marketing so that you can write copy that is relevant to the medium you are writing for.

For example, Instagram does not support links in its caption and comment section. So as a copywriter, you will have to avoid adding website links to the final copy. And of course, it is important to provide the right call-to-action – that is relevant to the social media you are posting it.

So which copywriting acronym was new to you? Comment below if you want to know more copywriting terms.

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