Is Copywriting Niche important? Here’s my opinion.

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

Ghostwriter | Full Time Copywriter

Is it really necessary to have a copywriting niche?

Maybe you are just starting out… Reading blogs on copywriting to know what it is all about. Or maybe you got sucked into the mystic hole of copywriting and have decided to change your career

Whatever stage you’re on right now, you are absolutely loving the art of copywriting.

And while reading more and more into it, you might have many copywriting niche options that are pulling you in. but the question remains…

What makes copywriting niche important? Is it really necessary?

There is no right answer to this.

You can choose what’s best for you by understanding what each option holds for you.

Let’s read more about the pros and cons of having a copywriting niche.

The Pros

1. It makes your expertise your identity

You become the go-to person for that industry in your local market or even internationally. Your copywriting clients will retain if you provide them the value and sales they target.

2. You build Authority because of your knowledge

Since you are in demand for your creative and successful campaigns for a particular business, you are highly authoritative and people will want to work with you a lot more than you think.

3. You gain a thorough experience of working with an industry

When you stick to a singular topic for a long period of time, you eventually learn the insider secrets and have all the spicy stuff you need. You can write a copy that is more likely to be successful and have a high ROI. This is because you are well informed about your target audience and their buying behaviors.

4. You form a huge network in your niche industry

Choosing a copywriting niche gives you the fruit of having a reliable and supportive network of people who look up to and after you. You will build a strong network of copywriters and clients alike. And they will keep coming back to you and would always want to be connected with you.

The Cons

1. You are limited to a single copywriting industry

While this is a benefit, it can also prove to be a disadvantage to some copywriters. When you don’t open up to other challenges and adventures of writing for a new niche, you miss out on trying for a profitable and reliable niche that could be highly beneficial for you.

2. It becomes too competitive to stand out

When your industry becomes too saturated with newbies and professional copywriters simultaneously, you stand a hard chance of being spotted in the crowd. And when the competition is high, you are less likely to land a retainer client or a big project.

3. You miss out on other opportunities

Due to singular expertise, potential clients may end up skipping you because they are looking for new ideas and not what already ‘works’. Several businesses look for new copywriters in their industry and hire them for ideas that are fresh and make them stand out in the market.

So, What does general copywriting have in store for me?

When you approach copywriting as a general copywriter, you are open to any big project that can come your way.

Unlike being limited to one industry, you can be open to any industry and learn something new along the way. While I’m a niche copywriter as well, I believe that beginners should be open to general copywriting.

Because this helps in learning and reward you with experience which you can only learn after trying something out of the box.

You can start out as a general copywriter and build your experience gradually. And with the trials and errors, you are bound to sharpen your skills and maybe find your niche. And guess what, it is not important to be niche-based.

Many copywriting gurus promote the idea of being a niche-based copywriter. And it is totally up to you.

I started out as a general copywriter and found my way through various different projects that shaped my career. You can steal my journey map too.

If you are an analytical and intelligent person, you can opt for technical copywriting. Or if you love reading, you can be a copyeditor for authors. There’s so much you can do when you are not committed. *wink*


While having a copywriting niche has its own benefits, I would say that having a copywriting niche isn’t the most important.

Contrary to popular belief, I believe that a copywriter can choose not to be committed to one niche and create their own unique specialty and dominate the space with their copywriting skill and not just their experience and specialization.

It is your call to make. And as long as you are doing it ethically and without plagiarism – you can choose to be a general copywriter or a niche-based copywriter.

You can get help for choosing a copywriting niche, DIY discovery of your niche, or even understand the types of copywriting niches to gain better insights on what’s best for you.

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