Discover your PERFECT Copywriting Niche [DIY]

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

Ghostwriter | Full Time Copywriter

Figure out your copywriting niche with this easy DIY exercise.


But no worries, I’m here to make sure that YOU have me to guide you and help you get started the right way.

Let’s get started with the basics.

What is a Copywriting Niche?

A niche is a specialized part of any market or industry with certain relevant products or services that attracts a unique audience.

You could specialize in writing anything by choosing a niche that you can heavily invest your time and energy in.

Specialization in any niche can help you pose yourself as a specialist. Since your skills are specialized, you can eventually charge MORE for your service because you’re obviously better than the girl next door, right?

But keep in mind, you CANNOT write for something you aren’t really interested in. Or maybe not even produce content that can actually show your INNER creativity as a copywriter.

Also, unless you write for specialized niches, you won’t be considered credible and knowledgeable for writing copy.

So to avoid writing like a robot, you can choose what you would like to write for!

What can you talk about endlessly for hours? What topic could you spend hours, days, months, and YEARS researching and learning about and never get bored of it?

There’s plenty of niches to choose from – fashion, travel, technology, health, fitness, internet marketing, relationships, pets, software, information products – you name it!

“Wow, you’ve confused me even more, Alina.”

Hahaha, I didn’t mean to but I can help you further!

There’s a lot of ways to get started on finding your niche but I’m gonna list down the most effective ones that helped me personally.

1. Reflect on your Niche

I want you to sit down and take a paper and pen and write down your hobbies and interests.

That’s the first step to discovering your copywriting niche.

(Go get it right now!)

Think of the highlights of your life – what was the sport you played the most? What did you buy the most? What is a repeating event in your life?

This exercise works even better if you were writing since school days. What essay did you enjoy writing the most? Which speech topic gave you a round of applause?

What do people ask your advice or opinions on?

Your notes are probably not connecting to each other right now. But no worries, we will get there.

Once you have a variety of your own personal habits written down – we can jump onto Step 2…

2. Discovery Triangle of your Copywriting Niche

Now that we have a rough list of your personal habits and interests – your next task is to download this from your email and print it out.

Keep it on your table. This is what I call the Discovery Triangle.

I want you to write your top 3 writing interests – each on each point.

Now, run your creative juices and think – what is the thing that connects each of your interests at some point?

Let me do this exercise with you.

Let’s assume – My interest A is Fashion, Interest B is Personal Development and Interest C is Education.

What is one thing that Fashion (interest A) and Personal development (interest B) have in common?

Self-love. I’m gonna write it down between the distance of point A and point B.

What about Personal development and Education?

Entrepreneurship is the first thing that hit my mind so I’m going with that.

Now, Education and Fashion?

Fashion Designing or Tailoring. Writing that down between point A and C.


3. The Sweet Spot

I have 3 subcategories of my original 3 interests. Brace yourself, as this is gonna get hard from here.

Now, I want you to write the common thing in ALL of them.

Which for me was – Tailoring, Self-love and Entrepreneurship.

My results: A feel-good clothing brand

No doubt, I have written digital and in-hand copy for various clothing brands that were just starting out to rule the market.

Lovely! Did you find your copywriting niche?

I want you to repeat this activity with each of your interests that you previously jotted down to come with a list that will automatically guide you to your ULTIMATE niche.

Download this digital PDF and save the hassle of drawing and labelling.

BONUS STEP: Market Research

Having a list of random niches isn’t gonna get you anywhere, is it?

Do your personal research to find out what your niche holds for you. What are leading brands in your niche doing right now and standing out with their irresistible copy?

Look for inspiration and you could also create your swipe file for future reference while you’re at it!

Killing two birds with one stone. *wink*



There isn’t a quick way to find what is perfect for you. It will take time and lots of trial and error to figure out your niche. It is a gradual and organic process.

In my opinion, any niche that you can write for endlessly is THE MOST IDEAL NICHE you can go for. And the best part? You can always switch paths so you are never stuck with one thing to write for.

My number #1 advice to any NEW Copywriter out there would be to be OPEN to everything. You never know what niche ends up intriguing you and lands in big bucks for you.

Meanwhile, you may pick up projects that suit your interests and let your writing and projects guide you to your niche ultimately. The Universe has its own ways of guiding you to what’s right for you, don’t you think?

I suggest you choose your final 2-3 niches with the above exercise for copywriting and stick to them to build an authoritative image in your market. Who knows, you might even end being a go-to copywriter of global brands, thanks to your specialization?

That’s it for today. Let me know how the exercise helped you in choosing your niche.

Share this with your copywriter friends who are mentally stuck! You never know how you help by sharing information that is relevant to them.

You can reach out to me by sending me an email at or connect with me on social media.

Until next time, goodbye!

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