SEO Copywriting: The Copywriting Niche that Changes the Game!

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

Ghostwriter | Full Time Copywriter

Pretty sure that you are already familiar with the term SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and many websites and e-stores use it to rank their pages higher on search engines.

Generally, there are 2 types of SEO: one that’s done ethically and the other involves keyword stuffing to manipulate the search engine. But the good news is, Google is now getting smarter and keeps changing its algorithms against these unethical practices.

SEO helps in finding the right audience for your website if you’re providing high value.

Now, when you mix this SEO-perpower (read: superpower) with copywriting, your website becomes a powerhouse of online written content.

How? Let’s understand better.

Understanding SEO Copywriting

Firstly, SEO copywriting is a form of online copywriting that ranks web pages higher and targets the right audience simultaneously. Writing an SEO-driven copy can ultimately boost sales, page clicks and lead generation.

Because Google wants to show its users relevant and useful information. And that’s what makes Google unique right?

There is a never-changing strategy that Google uses to choose the most relevant content – readability. The better readability of your website, the higher you rank.

But what makes a website readable and rank high on searches?

SEO Copywriting.

SEO copywriting is the key to making your content relatable, relevant, and high quality. When you write a good copy that is powered by the right keywords you want to rank for, there is nothing stopping you.

Let’s understand Holistic SEO first.

Holistic SEO

Holistic SEO refers to the marketing strategy that aligns several aspects of a website together to make it the best website in a specific niche market. This includes making perfect harmony between the technical design, the UX, and a secure connection to your website.

And most importantly, your website should produce good quality content and target your niche audience accordingly.

When all these aspects are in place, we can take off to the top of searches.

Now tell me, have you decided what keywords do you want to rank for? Let’s get into it.

Using the Right Keywords for your Website

The first step of SEO Copywriting is keyword research.

Once you decide what topic you want to write on, you have to search and list the right keywords you want to rank for. So, what is your topic? What do you want people to visit your website for?

In case you’re wondering where to find the right keywords, there are several tools online that can give you a list with a single click. Websites like SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Moz, and Wordstream can help you find your keyword treasure.

But make sure they align with your mission statement. If you don’t have one, create one. Because this ultimately helps you in staying on track with your SEO strategy.

Pro tip: While making a list of keywords you want your website to rank for, think from the mind of your audience. What would they search on Google? How would they find you?

Then list down different combinations and variations of your keywords and keyphrases. Try to get familiar with the search terms that are also your unique selling points.

Try not to use competitive keywords that everyone else might be using in your niche. You can use long-tail keywords/keyphrases to stand out and reach the right audience.

SEO Copywriting as a Niche

The best part about SEO Copywriting is, it blends two important tools and helps in creating the best content on the web.

There are several types of SEO content you can produce and use your good copy skills to find your copywriting niche. If you’re a new copywriter, there are several opportunities for you out there.

And while you are learning copywriting, you can level it up by learning SEO. Because SEO copywriters are high in demand right now. With the growing amount of social media users and digital marketing, brands are looking for copywriters who can do SEO and make them rank higher and reach the right audience.

If you’re up for it, you can level up your copywriting skills and provide high value to your clients and audience.

Here’s a list of copywriting niches for you to get your hands into. And if you don’t like commitment, here’s why you can always choose to be a general copywriter.

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