Top 11 Unique Landing Pages Every Website Must Have!

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

Ghostwriter | Full Time Copywriter

A landing page is a page placed for a visitor to land on for a single purpose such as awareness, lead capture, making a sale, etc.

It is always best to hire a copywriter for writing a landing page, because you might end up losing leads if your landing page copy isn’t written strategically to convert leads into consumers.

While there are dozens of landing pages, I’m going to list the 11 most common and relevant pages with 2 BONUS pages at the end of this post, so don’t miss out on that!

A copywriter must be aware about all types of landing pages as this will help them figure out their niche and specialize in writing copy as per the demand.

So let’s get started.

  1. Squeeze Page
  2. Splash Page
  3. Lead Capture Page
  4. Click-Through Page
  5. Get Started Page
  6. Unsubscribe Page
  7. Feedback Page 
  8. Short-form Sales Landing Page
  9. Long-form Sales Landing Page
  10. Paid Ad Landing Page
  11. Countdown Page 

+ TWO Bonus pages at the end of the post!

1. Squeeze Page


Image Source: Active Campaign

A squeeze page is a web page that collects visitor’s email addresses by providing them value upfront. 

As a copywriter, you must be able to catch the eye of the visitor within the first few seconds to be able to make them take the desired action. Your squeeze page copy should contain power words, emotional words or urgency to aid the reader’s decision.

Let’s take the above example of Active Campaign. While making a list of the most common landing pages, I landed on their blog and had this pop-up come within a few seconds.

Look carefully. It provides me six email templates and a FREE guide to writing perfect emails for a welcome series.

This pop-up is an example of a squeeze page. If it weren’t for me being on ‘research mode,’ I would definitely give-in my email for a FREE guide.

Here’s another brilliant example of a Squeeze Page by NetApp


Image Source: NetApp

2. Splash Page


Image Source: Zara

Just as the name suggests, a Splash Page comes in like a splash in front of you right before you land on the main page.

It could feature a question or any information necessary to let you hop onto the main page.

Here’s the Splash Page that the famous clothing brand Zara has placed on their website. It asks for your Location and Language before you land on their homepage.

What a subtle way of capturing your lead’s location and language!

3. Lead Capture Page


Image Source: HubSpot

A Lead Capture Page is a page dedicated to collecting your lead’s information.

When you provide value, you get value in return, and as a brand, you are expected to offer more and more value which will ultimately result in getting a lead and their information.

A lead capture page comes after a visitor opts-in to receive something valuable from you.

For example, look at this lead capture page that Hubspot has created to offer some FREE templates to their visitor.

It asks for more details than a standard lead capture form does. Thus, a whole page dedicated to capturing a lead with a possible newsletter subscription. Amazing!

Here’s an example of a shorter version of the lead capture form by UENI.

The copywriter deserves a raise!


Image Source: UENI

4. Click-Through Landing Page

The Click-Through Landing Page is one of the most common landing pages I’ve seen across the web.

In simple words, a click-through page is a page meant to direct you to another important landing page.

I have noticed that most prominent brands like Mailchimp have used a Click-through page as their homepage with a clear CTA to guide their visitors to another page meant for the actual lead conversion and sale.


Image Source: MailChimp

This is an effective way to get your visitor to easily navigate through your website and eventually discover more about your brand or service.

5. Price Plan Landing Page

This is the continuation of the click-through button I pressed on Mailchimp‘s website…


Image Source: Mailchimp

I landed on a page that had an organized and well-presented price plan table for the visitor to choose from.  

The features and benefits were clearly stated, making it easier to choose what plan is perfect for the buyer.

If you are a brand that provides subscription plans, consider adding a pricing plan page that explains each plan’s benefits and features.

I love how Mailchimp added a ‘Calculate my price’ and a monthly payment option for buyers. They took away every reason to say No to them.

Bravo, Mailchimp!

6. Get Started Page

The Get Started Page is also one of the most common pages I have come across while doing my research.

A Get Started page is helpful for websites that have a sign-up option. This page directs the visitor to another page or a fillable form where they can enter their email address and sign up to your website.

Of course, I had to add one of my favorite sign-up pages here – Twitter.

Here’s a bonus page that features Skillshare‘s Homepage that has a clear CTA to Get Started.

7. Unsubscribe Page

Undoubtedly, an Unsubscribe page can easily slip off your mind.

But if you design this page right, you may also convince your ‘unsubscriber’ to stay or re-consider leaving.

Or, if it’s time for goodbye, you may also place a quick survey to find out what encouraged them to unsubscribe to your email list as EmailMonks did.


Image Source: EmailMonks

With a sad monk holding a broken heart, the first option they have in front of you is to re-consider if you want to leave.

I love how clever this page is. Kudos to the copywriter who wrote for them! You’ve nailed it!

8. Short-form Sales Landing Page

A short sales page is a landing page required when you are trying to sell a product that doesn’t have many details to list, or there is quite a lot of awareness regarding your product that you don’t need to fill in the page.

Here’s an example of a short sales page by The Renegade Diet that has its features listed with a strong CTA at the end of the page.


Image Source: The Renegade Diet

9. Long-form Sales Landing Page

This is the more extended version of a typical sales landing page.

You can add many elements like sales videos, testimonials, benefits, and exclusive offers to boost the sales page’s trust and credibility, which can eventually elongate the page. As a copywriter, you must write an engaging headline that hooks your visitor and makes them scroll to find out more.

Here’s an example of a long-form sales page by my absolute fav, Alex Cattoni, the owner of CopyPosse and a successful copywriter herself.


Image Source: Alex Cattoni

10. Paid Ad Landing Page

Please do not underestimate the landing page you direct your leads to when they click on your ad, whether via Facebook or Google.


Image Source: Five Four Club

This landing page is what determines whether your visitor will stay or leave quickly.

PRO TIP: Make your ad’s visuals match the visuals on the landing page so that there is continuity in the visitor’s eyes.


Image Source: Five Four Club

11. Coming Soon Page

 The Coming Soon page is one of my favorite pages to come across as a web surfer.

It shows how a brand cared enough to let me know that they are indeed coming soon and didn’t leave it for me to land on a page that isn’t completed.

Consider adding a Coming Soon page or a Countdown page to build curiosity even before the website or page is up. This will immensely boost your page visitors, especially if you smartly place a ‘Notify me’ and email form below. 😀


Image Source: Google

Oh wow, you have learned the basic 11 landing pages that every website must-have.

Let me know in the comments if you have read so far!

Okay, now it’s time for the BONUS I promised!


Error 404 Page

Though this page is entirely optional, I’m sure you’d agree how much we cherish websites that have made creative 404 pages.

One of the most recent ones I came across was HubSpot.


Image Source: HubSpot

The copy goes perfectly with the page, and the page design is excellent.

If you have the extra time, get an error 404 page designed for your brand’s website. I promise it will only make your visitor smile and increase your brand value.


Thank You Page

Another feel-good page that makes it worth re-visiting or buying from

You may add it at the final stage of a purchase or even after a visitor downloads one of your freebies!


Image Source: SimplyMeasured

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like being appreciated for doing the simplest things?

I wholeheartedly suggest adding one if you don’t haven’t added one yet.

They will remember you and develop positive feelings towards your brand and product.

Which one was your favorite BONUS page?

Mine is the Error 404 Page.

If you’ve learned a new thing or two, please share it with those who can find this helpful.

Catch up with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. For business inquiries, mail me at, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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