What Types of Copywriting Niches are Perfect for me?

by <strong>Alina Siddiqui</strong>

by Alina Siddiqui

Ghostwriter | Full Time Copywriter

There are several types of copywriting niches you can choose from.

Note: There’s a difference between copywriting niches and types of copywriting niches.
By copywriting niches, I mean industries such as beauty, health, finance, etc.
And by types of copywriting niches, I mean white papers, case studies, blog posts, digital marketing, etc.
And we’re gonna be talking about choosing from the types of copywriting today.

Choosing a Copywriting Niche

As a beginner copywriter, you may be confused about what copywriting niche to choose.

There’s plenty of options out there. Moreover, there’s many types of copy you can write as well.

But even after knowing so many infront of us, we still have a hard time in committing to one copywriting niche. So, here’s some news. Firstly, you do not have to commit to one copywriting niche. Second, you can always make the switch if needed.

There are no commitments. You can always change your niche or make no commitments ever again.

To Have a Copywriting Niche or not…?

As most copywriting experts say, choosing a copywriting niche makes you stand out as an expert. Because the more you know about an industry or product, the more specific you can get with your copy.

There are several types of copywriting niches out there. And having prior knowledge of a niche industry or product proves to be helpful in executing your ideas smoothly.

When you write for an industry you don’t know, everything is new and it takes time to form ideas.

And if you’re up to exploring and learning new things (which every copywriter should be nonetheless), you can be a general copywriter. General Copywriters accept copywriting projects from any industry and use their inner research bug to write effective copy.

Moreover you can still be a general copywriter with specialization in two or three industries. It’s your call to make.

But I want to be a niche specialist.”

Yes, that’s perfectly fine and advised the most!

As I mentioned earlier, The more you know, the better you create.

Do you have a copywriting niche? Find yours now.

Types of Copywriting Niches and Why to Choose them!

Here’s a quick list of the types of copywriting you can do as a freelance writer:

  1. White Papers: Perfect for nerds who can study a product and present it as their own.
  2. Product Descriptions: Best for copywriters who have specific knowledge of the product and love writing detailed reads.
  3. Case Studies: Perfect for those interested in stats, surveys and research and bringing it all together.
  4. Digital Marketing: Perfect for social media addicts who are aware of changing trends and features.
  5. Web Copywriting: Perfect for those who like setting the brand style or following one to create a web print for businesses.
  6. Blogging: Perfect for writers by heart, mind and soul (like me!)
  7. Ghostwriting: Perfect for champions or beginners alike who don’t want to be credited for their work openly.
  8. Direct Response Copywriting: Perfect for those who know how to persuade and get that sale!
  9. SEO Copywriting: Perfect for SEO experts who turned into copywriters and marketers.

Did you find your type in the list above? Comment down below if you’d like me to add more to the list!

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